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The place to buy your luxury vintage timepieces.  

Every watch has been professionally restored. 

Ready to wear!

About Me 

Hello, I am Deric Yau, founder of Splendid Fine Timepieces.  I am a vintage watch enthusiast and collector. I have been a watchmaker since 2004. I have created this website for two purposes; I enjoy being an entrepreneur, and a small portion of my sale will go toward my charity foundation.

My passion and specialty are restoring vintage Omega watch from the 1940s - 1970s. I am an expert in what I do. I can assure you with my knowledge and skill that my products are 100% genuine. Every watch on the site is check for case, dial, and movement parts authenticity. To spot a fake watch is simple, but to spot a married watch (which is a genuine watch with unmatch parts) is an issue for many collectors and dealers. You need not be concerned with Splendid Fine Timepieces as I guarantee that my products are 100% genuine.


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